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Julian Rees

The idea of Freemasonry as a refuge, a haven, is of course not a new one. I have been reading an account of Freemasonry in the Yukon, in the days of the gold rush at the end of the nineteenth century. Admittedly, those who chased after gold in that extremely inhospitable climate and terrain were motivated by little more than personal greed, but reading about their exploits it is hard not to be caught up in the wild and dangerous excitement that infused these intrepid men, many of whom had suffered extreme poverty and might therefore be forgiven for seeking [...]
Thu, Dec 10, 2015
Source: Julian Rees
Tracing Boards of the Three Degrees in Craft Masonry Explained, 2nd Edition Although all Freemasons will be familiar with the Tracing Boards – painted or printed boards developed in the early years of Freemasonry which are used in Lodges to illustrate Masonic symbols during lectures – little has been published on them. Terry Haunch’s book, Tracing Boards: Their Development and their Designers, has been in print for over forty years but is primarily an historical treatise. The Tracing Boards are an essential part of the three Craft Degrees in the way they illustrate the allegories and symbols used. There is no [...]
Wed, Oct 21, 2015
Source: Julian Rees

Dr. David Harrison

My new book The Lost Rites and Rituals of Freemasonry is on course for publication with Lewis Masonic at the end of the summer and it’s a book that I’ve very much enjoyed researching and writing. The book has six chapters, … → The post The Lost Rites and Rituals of Freemasonry appeared first on Dr. David Harrison. [...]
Wed, Apr 26, 2017
Source: Dr. David Harrison
There are many websites and blogs discussing the mysterious kerbstone marks that can be seen in various parts of London and in many other towns and cities of England. Some can be explained away as benchmarks indicating Ordinance Survey marks, … → The post Kerbstone Marks of Great Queen Street and Bloomsbury appeared first on Dr. David Harrison. [...]
Sat, Apr 22, 2017
Source: Dr. David Harrison